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 We need your help to educate young people about colon cancer and raise money to help those who are in the fight.

Organize a benefit in your community to help the Team Tori Foundation. 

Do an online benefit to raise money or awareness. 

Share the website.

Give a donation for a good cause.

Share Toris story.

Send us other stories of colon cancer fighters.

Recommend someone we can help. 


 Our mission is to Help young colon cancer fighters and their families. With limited resources for young cancer fighters we want to help with tangible things like electric bills, co-pays, food and more. 


Our teams mission is to help change the screening laws, education for young adults about the risk of colon cancer and 

helping those fighting know the facts of alternative and standard treatments.

Those we have helped

Riley Anne

SURVIVOR Warrior and fighter who is currently cancer free. This is a page for everyone to follow what is going on with her life through kicking cancers ass. I'll also put updates of the kiddo on here and how that alien is doing as soon as I know anything. 

I appreciate everyone's caring thoughts, the prayers, well wishes, and the unbelievable amount of support I've been getting. You guys are amazing. 

Facebook page

Ali Powers

 Ali was just 24 years old!!! She was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at 20 years old, underwent 2 years of treatment and was in remission for 2 years then the Cancer returned with a vengeance. Ali was a beautiful, brave, intelligent, selfless, talented girl always having a positive outlook on life. She inspired so many others and touched the lives of everyone around her. "Giving up" were never the words that you'd ever hear coming from her. She loved life and lived it to the fullest. I had asked Ali to be an admin of the page because she was brilliant and would help put a face to kids, adolescents, and young adults diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Ali will forever be remembered, not for her diagnosis but, for the wonderful girl that she was. We've lost far too many "kids" to this awful disease. How many more must we lose before physicians begin to recognize the symptoms and acknowledge that KIDS GET COLON CANCER TOO??? It's time for a change! Please help us be a part of that change! Fly high with the Angels Ali! Forever young.

 Facebook Page

 Siedah Sharday

 "My father is the King of Kings so therefore I have no choice but to Be ROYALTY!!!!!!" beautiful, young and full of life. #gonegosoon 

Facebook Page

Lauren Thomas

Facebook Page  #gonetoosoon

Zack Wormer 

 Zack was disagnosed with a rare genetic mutation of colon cancer call BRAF which has only been found in about 10% of the colon cancers today.   Zack was a very charismatic, fun and adventurous, a guy who is always up for new challenges and excitement.  In 2016,  Zack started doing Spartan Races that led him to new travels, meeting inspiring people and building lifelong friendships.  He then went on to train harder and more aggressively for the Spartan Ultra Beast!!  This race was 27 miles with 60 intense obstacles which took about 12 hours to finish.  Zack crushed this race in April 2017 all the while not having any idea that in just a few short months his world would change forever.  #gonetoosoon

Facebook Page 

Kelly Rowell 

 2 time SURVIVOR of 2 bouts of Cancer. 

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Sharonda Williams  

SURVIVOR Change is good.....I'm forever evolving. 

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