Tori's Mom


Team Tori Foundation raises awareness about Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Awareness

 Lisa Medders lost her daughter, Tori Riley, to colorectal cancer. She was diagnosed at a very young age- 24...  and after fighting a hard battle, died at age 26. 

Toris last Birthday on earth.

Tori organized her whole party and loved to plan. She was so great at pricing things out and even picked a special cake. 

Draining Ascites

Ascites can be a very bad problem for cancer fighters.  Ascites is the accumulation of fluid (usually serous fluid which is a pale yellow and clear fluid) that accumulates in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity. The abdominal cavity is located below the chest cavity, separated from it by the diaphragm. Ascitic fluid can have many sources.

This video is of Tori having hers drained. She had this done over 10 time and started doing it on her own at home. 

You and Colonoscopy

 A colonoscope is the special tool used to perform a colonoscopy. It is a thin, flexible, tubular ‘telescope’ with a light and video camera that your doctor carefully guides through your colon in order to see and determine the health of your colon. Watch this animation to learn about the features of the colonoscope, how the colonoscopy procedure is performed and how polyps are removed, and the follow-up care you and your doctor should talk about after your procedure. 

Colon Cancer Is Killing More Young People

 A recent study released by the American Cancer Society shows a steady rise in colorectal cancer among young people.  

Riley Castro shares her story.

Check out this great video